Gosund Smart Plug Not Connecting

Gosund Smart Plug Not Connecting [A Troubleshooting Guide]

Smart homes, with their convenience, efficiency and control, are fast becoming the norm in many households. No longer the stuff of science fiction, automation and smart devices have seamlessly integrated into our daily lives. One such helpful device is the Gosund Smart Plug, a plug-and-play device that allows you to control the power to your home appliances through an app on your smartphone.

But what happens when your Gosund Smart Plug won’t connect?

This comprehensive troubleshooting guide has been designed to quickly and efficiently resolve this issue. Covering everything from basic checks to hard resets, we aimed to ensure your smart plug is back to serving your smart home as desired. So let’s dive in and decipher the problem at hand. Remember, a smart home can only be as intelligent as its components.

Simple Checks

Check Your WiFi Network

Your Gosund Smart Plug requires a 2.4ghz WiFi connection. Many modern routers offer both 2.4ghz and 5ghz channels. Verify you’re connecting your smart plug to the appropriate network.

Check That Your App is Up to Date

The Gosund app frequently pushes updates to resolve bugs and enhance user experience. Make sure your app is up-to-date by checking it in your device’s app store.

Ensure Your Smart Plug is Compatible

Not all devices are compatible with the Gosund Smart Plug. Check the box, or the manufacturer’s online resources to ensure your device can work with Gosund products.

Verify Power Sources are Installed Correctly

Yes, it’s a plug. But still, make sure it’s well connected to an active power source. Always double-check.

Check The Smart Plug is Connected

Another simple check is to ensure your smart plug is well connected and turned on. Check if it’s set to the ‘auto-connect’ feature. If these steps fail to solve the issue, proceed to the next step.

Following these initial checks will help you narrow down the most common potential issues. Remember, the solution could be as simple as an update or a minor adjustment.

Understanding the Gosund Smart Plug’s Settings

Once you’ve installed the Gosund app on your smartphone and added your smart plug, it’s time to adjust settings for optimal usage.

Open the Gosund App

First, open your Gosund application on your smartphone. Ensure you are on the home screen of the application where all your connected devices show up.

Select Your Gosund Smart Plug

Search for your Gosund Smart Plug from the devices listed. Mostly, it would be listed as ‘Smart Plug’ unless you renamed it before. Click on this device to enter its specific settings page.

Understanding Each Setting

  1. Switch: This is the simplest setting. Use this switch to turn the plug on or off remotely using your smartphone. This lies at the core of making your home smart!
  2. Timer: With this setting, you can schedule when your plug turns on and off. This feature is especially useful for daily routines and to give the illusion someone is home when you’re away.
  3. Countdown: Countdown functions differently from the timer function. It simply turns off the device after the set time. It’s perfect for safety reasons like turning off a heater after a few hours.
  4. Electrical Statistics: This feature lets you see how much energy the device that’s plugged in is consuming. This way, you can keep track of your power consumption and make necessary changes.

Don’t be intimidated by these settings. Personalize them as you see fit. Each one has been designed to provide you with more control over your smart home.

Modifying Settings

To modify the above-listed settings, all you need to do is click on the respective setting and change it as per your requirements. Always remember to save the settings before moving away from the page.


Troubleshooting comes with the territory of smart homes, and being familiar with your device’s settings, knowing what each one does and how to change them, makes the process a whole lot easier.

Remember, your Gosund Smart Plug is designed to make your life easier, not harder. Use these steps to tailor your settings to your lifestyle and let the convenience of smart living seep in.

Restoring the Gosund Smart Plug to Factory Settings

A factory reset can often clear up any connection or functionality problems by putting your Gosund Smart Plug back into its ‘out-of-the-box’ settings. This process wipes any personalized settings or configurations and allows you to start fresh. Here’s how you can do it:

Step 1: Turn On Your Gosund Smart Plug

Plug your Gosund smart switch into a working outlet and make sure it’s powered on. The indicator light should be illuminating.

Step 2: Long press

Hold down the power button on the Gosund Smart Plug for approximately 10 seconds. This will initiate the factory reset process. You’ll know this is working if the indicator light starts flashing rapidly.

Step 3: Wait for Successful Reset

The Gosund Smart Plug will then restart. After this process is complete, the indicator light should be a steady blue. This means your smart plug has been successfully reset to factory settings.

Step 4: Re-setup your Gosund Smart Plug

Now that your Gosund Smart Plug is reset, you’ll need to set it up again. Open the Gosund app and follow the instructions to connect your smart plug to your WiFi network.

Remember, restoring the Gosund Smart Plug to factory settings is a drastic measure and should only be undertaken when other simpler troubleshooting processes have failed.

Seeking Further Assistance

Even the best of us can get stumped sometimes on tech issues. If all else fails and the connection problem with your Gosund Smart Plug persists, it’s time to seek professional help.

Gosund Customer Support

The Gosund team offers a reliable support system ready to solve any issue you might encounter. You can visit their official website and start an online chat with a tech support representative. Alternatively, you can also email them at support@gosund.com.

Preparing for the Call

Before making the outreach, ensure you have the following information at hand:

  1. The model number of your Gosund Smart Plug.
  2. Details about your home WiFi setup.
  3. A brief explanation of what you have tried so far.

By having this information ready, you can help the tech team understand the details of your situation quickly and enhance the chances of a speedy resolution.

Do remember, the goal is to have a seamless smart home experience. A tech hiccup should not deter you from enjoying the marvels of a truly smart, connected home! Stay patient, keep learning, and keep exploring.


Building a smart home is all about exploring the realm of technology and facing the occasional technical snag. Overcoming these hiccups only makes your system robust, and you more tech-savvy.
Gosund Smart Plugs are a fine pick for any smart home, and occasional connection issues are easy to fix.

With the steps provided in this article, you have the necessary knowledge to triumph over such minor obstacles.

Keep exploring, keep learning, and take full advantage of your smart and connected home.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What if my Gosund Smart Plug still doesn’t connect? If the Gosund Smart Plug still won’t connect after going through these steps, your device could potentially be faulty. Contact their customer support for further assistance.
  2. Can I connect my Gosund Smart Plug to multiple networks? No, your Gosund Smart Plug can only be connected to one network at a time.
  3. Does the Gosund Smart Plug work with 5G WiFi? No, Gosund Smart Plugs only connect with 2.4G WiFi.

Useful Resources

Gosund – Customer Support: This is the link to the Gosund customer FAQ support page. You can get help here for all your Gosund product queries.

Continue to engage with the smart home community for real-time advice and best practices. Your smart home journey is a life-long learning experience!

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